[VIDEO] Getting to Know Andrew Riis, the “A” in RA Marketing

https://youtu.be/25heRIe1EPw   Get to know the "A" in RA! Today, Richy is interviewing Andrew so our viewers can get to know him better! We just may be interviewing Richy in the next video, so…

[VIDEO] Top Webinar Questions from Financial Advisors

https://youtu.be/HB44Swdvxho   Welcome to another Q&A with Richy and Andrew. We are focused on webinars right now and have been getting a lot of questions about best practices. This week we…

[VIDEO] Webinar/Video Best Practices for Financial Advisors

https://youtu.be/12Au6pv_Jug   Today Richy and Andrew talk about webinar/video best practices for financial advisors! Richy and Andrew bring in our full time video expert, Ethan, to chat about…

[VIDEO] Digital Marketing Fiduciary for Financial Advisors

https://youtu.be/nvRjutg8Zd0   In this episode of ShortCUTs, Andrew talks about being a fiduciary in the digital marketing space. Being a fiduciary means having trust in a relationship and being…

[VIDEO] The New Normal for Digital Marketing

https://youtu.be/76GeT3GfdFA   Richy and Andrew are discussing the "New Normal" for Financial Advisors using Digital Marketing IN and BEYOND the COVID-19 Era in this latest Q&A video. Right…

[VIDEO] Marketing for Financial Advisors Through COVID-19 and Beyond

https://youtu.be/C6EOO9NJIX8   Things are changing on a daily basis, but we are here and adapting to the changes. Some of these programs aren't just a solution to COVID-19, they will be great…

[VIDEO] Balancing Working Hard & Playing Hard

https://youtu.be/6x2OdliUH14   Hey everyone, Richy Hirtle here to invite you along on our recent family vacation to Breckenridge. We focus on work quite a bit, which is super important. You have…

[VIDEO] Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Financial Professionals

https://youtu.be/w4l_HTCnH6I   ‼️ COVID-19 Update for Financial Professionals ‼️ There are 3 groups of advisors/agents: 1) Low Impact - you are still doing you running your normal marketing. 2)…

[VIDEO] The #1 Problem with Digital Marketing

https://youtu.be/I38kj7zj41M   Welcome to another Q&A with Richy and Andrew. We will be answering YOUR questions weekly! This week we answer the following questions: Are you an FMO? (i.e.…

[VIDEO] Don’t Do Your Best? 🧐

https://youtu.be/QcHnpJsJ2KM   Welcome back to another ShortCUT with RA! I’m Andrew, the “A” in RA. Today I'm going to tell you why you shouldn't do your best. Yep, you heard that correctly!…


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