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RA is the financial industry’s leading Digital Marketing and Facebook Advertising agency. We are a full-service digital marketing firm that helps financial professionals convert their ideal online prospects into qualified, offline appointments. Whether you are looking for turn-key seminars, on-demand lead generation, or a custom program built specifically for you… you have found the right place. With our proven systems we help financial advisors achieve unheard of ROI in digital marketing and Facebook Advertising… Welcome to RA!

“Richy & Andrew are the ad masters of the Financial industry…nobody touches their experience. I am running and will continue to run their seminar program – it’s cheaper, faster, just overall head and shoulders above the rest. Highly recommend!”.

“I ran a campaign last month and my ROI was 1,440%! I already have next quarter’s marketing plans booked with RA.”

“They are exceptionally knowledgeable about Facebook advertising and incredibly thorough in how they executes a campaign. They are clearly professional, work with integrity and lead with client satisfaction as their main priority. You are in good hands with RA Marketing. I highly recommend them.”


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2 strategies to choose from with 10 unique options

RA marketing delivers the highest quality, turn-key seminar and lead gen marketing programs for advisors across the US

Turnkey Digital Seminars

These programs are proven and effective.

If you’re tired of spending thousands more than you should on Seminar Marketing, you’ll love these programs!

Whether you are brand new to digital marketing or a seasoned online marketer these programs will get you in front of more qualified people in less time. These packages leverage technology behind the scenes to get seminar attendees for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

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What’s Included…
  • GUARANTEED Buying Unit Registrations or cash back
  • Exclusive Territory
  • No Additional Software Costs
  • Compliance Friendly
  • Turnkey system with everything you need to run a profitable seminar
  • 15-Day cycle from time of order to hosting your first event
  • InfusionSoft confirmation funnel included
  • Real time registration delivery and dunamically updated full roster
  • Access to direct coaching
  • NEW! The Advisor's Toolbox – instant access to call scripts, seminat materials, presentations, confirmation letters, and video walk-thru's.
Turnkey Digital Lead Generation

Don’t want to host seminars? RA Marketing can generate qualified leads that woll fill your pipeline for pennies on the dollars from what you’re used to.

Our leads are people raising their hand, asking for a custom REPORT. These are not just names on paper… these are people asking to meet with a Financial Advisor who can help them receive either a Social Security Optimization Report OR a Retirement Planning Report.

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What’s Included…
  • GUARANTEED number of leads (30 day period) or cash back
  • Exclusive Territory
  • No Additional Software Costs
  • 2 TURNKEY topics: Social Security Optimization and Retirement Planning Direct
  • 48-hour turnaround from order to launch... start receiving new leads within 72 hours of ordering!
  • Low cost, daily and consistent qualified lead flow
  • 75-200+-Day InfusionSoft conversion funnel included
  • Available direct coaching
  • NEW! The Advisor's Toolbox – instant access to call scripts, seminat materials, presentations, confirmation letters, and video walk-thru's

Benefits of partnering with RA

RA has been doing digital marketing for all the big FMO’s, BD’s, RIA’s and advisors direct for the past several years. If you are a Financial Advisor looking to see more people and write more business, you have found the right place.

Highest ROI in the Industry

We put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our programs. Your Advisors will have extremely quick turnaround times, reliable marketing flow and you’ll see increased business as a result.

Priority on Communication

When you put your name in the logo, there is nowhere to hide…if you are tired of poor communication with other vendors/partners, RA will be a breath of fresh air. We build relationships, not quick bucks.

No Contracting Needed

We are FMO agnostic. You can work with one or all of them and still use our strategies and programs. At the end of the day, we want to help you achieve consistent, reliable marketing on a guaranteed basis.


The digital age creates a tedious paradigm for the distribution channel. Keeping up with the latest marketing platforms, strategies, technological integrations, and dynamic client acquisition tools is a mind-boggling endeavor.

No, we are not an FMO. You can maintain your current relationships and still use our programs.

Yes, we have the seminar built, as long as it’s a proven presentation you know you can closes on, we will build around it.

Richy and Andrew were born from inside your industry. Starting with Direct Mail, moving into Google Adwords, now Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, you name it. We know how to help you attract more affluent and reliable clients. We also won’t treat you like a number.

Yes, we coach in 3 ways (as much or as little as needed):

  1. Through the Advisors Toolbox which includes downloads, video walkthrough’s, presentations, sales tactics and more
  2. Through automated emails directly after purchase specific to the program they are running
  3. One-On-One coaching

1. Navigate the order portal and select your program.
2. Build it, agree to it, pay for it.
3. Sit back. Once we receive everything above, we will contact you for next steps. For seminars, we need 3 weeks advanced notice, for lead gen, in most cases, we can have you started in one business week.

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