Welcome to another Q&A with Richy and Andrew. We will be answering YOUR questions weekly!

Do you want to know what Richy got his wife and kids for Christmas? Or about some of the holiday traditions at Andrew’s house? Check out our latest video!

This week we answer the following questions:
1. Should I use my own presentation or use RA’s?
2. Can my FMO pay for my program?
3. How did Richy and Andrew meet?
4. What did Richy get his wife for Christmas?
5. Can I do a Saturday Seminar?
6. What makes an ad/landing page convert?
7. What is Richy getting his kids for Christmas?
8. Does Andrew do Elf on the Shelf at his house?

We hope to see you again next week and let us know your questions in the comments below! We may just answer them in our next video.

Be on the lookout for more stuff from RA. These Q&A’s are going to be flying out all the time.

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