FINANCIAL ADVISORS: Get Better Results With Your Facebook Ads



2 Amazon products are side by side.

They are the exact same item listed at the exact same price made by the exact same company.

The only difference is that one has 4.5 stars with 2500 reviews, the other has 3 stars with 15 reviews…

So, if you are forced to make a decision, which do you choose?

Follow Up Question: Why?  If they are seemingly the exact same, what draws you to pick the one you chose over the other?


The RA Steroid Stack strategy blends social proof with Persuasion Psychology to help you produce better results with your Facebook advertising. We do this by stacking previously earned ad engagement to future campaigns.

Instead of starting a brand-new ad with ZERO engagement…

We start the brand-new ad with this (see RED BOX below):

Why Do We Do This?

Because we are playing to psychology of your ideal audience.

When was the last time 5k+ points of engagement deterred KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST?!

People like what other people also like and it instantly boosts your credibility… i.e. it builds your influence in the marketplace.  In a red ocean industry like yours, this additional edge goes a long way when a prospect is forced to choose between two advisors that appear to be offering the same thing on the surface.

Here’s An Example

Financial Advisor John wants to run one 2-night seminar 8 months out of the year.  John is a brand-new client for us, so in January we start promoting his event with brand new creative.  At the end of this first campaign, our best performing Facebook ad for John now has 62 Reactions, 30 shares, and 22 comments.

February rolls around and it’s time to launch John’s second campaign.  This time though, we do NOT start with brand new creative. Instead, we steroid stack the first campaign’s ads into the second campaign.  Now, rather than starting off with zero social proof, we start John’s second campaign with ads that have 62 Reactions, 30 Shares, and 22 comments…

By the time December rolls around, we now have extremely seasoned ads that have accrued hundreds, if not thousands of engagement points that are all clearly visible to anyone who sees the ads.

Increase Your Impact

On a practical level, this clearly boosts your influence, but on a marketing stewardship level…this strategy essentially “tricks” the Facebook algorithm into giving your ads priority over the competition. Now, with mature ads that Facebook deems popular, we can lower our CPM (Cost per 1000 people reached) which inevitably lowers your CPA (cost per acquisition) which…you guessed it…increases overall campaign ROI.

NOTE: This is tried and true. This isn’t just an idea, this is one of the components we utilize 100% of the time to crush our competitor’s (and yours).  

If You Like The Way This Sounds, You Have 2 Choices:

1. Follow the steps below to deploy the RA Steroid Stack yourself

2. We clearly already have this figured out, call us now and start enjoying better ROI right away without hassle720-460-1232


Split Test 2 Ads For Your First Campaign

We can’t stack anything we don’t have.  For your first campaign, start by creating your high converting ad copy and landing pages, pick two images, then run your ads.


Pull The Ad Post ID Of Your WINNING Ad

Now that your first campaign is over, you will clearly have a winning ad (don’t get emotional about this decision, just go with the data).  Navigate to ads manager, head to the ad level of the chosen ad, then click edit and then “preview the ad with comments.” Once this new window opens, you’ll now see the ad with all the engagement.  Turn your attention to the URL in your browser’s search bar and copy the last group of numbers to your clipboard…this is your post ID.


Duplicate Campaign From First Run

At the campaign level, select the campaign you want to recreate, then click “Duplicate.”

Once it loads, in this new campaign, delete any underperforming ad sets from the previous campaign and keep your winner(s).


Steroid Stack

Click to the ad level of the new campaign. At that level, the creative will already be in place (because it is a duplicate) but your social proof will not be there. Where it says “create ad or use existing post” click on “use existing post” After a moment or two there will be a link that says “use existing post ID”. Click that link and paste the post ID that you grabbed in Step 2 into the input field that appears.  Click “submit”. Ads Manager will spool for a moment and then will populate the preview of your new ad.

* Repeat steps 2 and 4 if you have multiple winning ads.

Congratulations, you’ve now brought forward your winning ad’s engagement to your new campaign!


1. You cannot change anything in the original post or you’ll lose the social proof.  This means you must think ahead with your original creative, so it is evergreen, not event or date specific.

2. You’ll want to repeat step 1 a few times (or introduce additional creative to split test in each new campaign) so you can find multiple winning versions of creatives.  You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. What works today will not always work tomorrow and you’ll want backup.


1. Be smart.  Seems like a dumb thing to say but use this wisely.  Facebook makes its money from marketers, but there is nobody to market to if there is no user base.  They will 100% of the time side with the user, so don’t be sketchy.

2. Don’t just stop at winning creative…steroid stack your winners into new audiences/demographics/territories and expand your reach/influence.

3. Let us do this for you.  We’ve done it thousands of times…what takes you days, takes us minutes.  We got your back and we’ll execute so you can focus on meeting with new prospects and clients.