RA was born from inside your industry…

Andrew Riis was a licensed Advisor. That background gives RA an inside look at the advisor’s perspective and an understanding of what it takes to convert qualified prospects into appointments.

Both Richy and Andrew worked as Directors at an FMO for many years. They speak the same language you do and they understand what it takes from your perspective to properly support Advisors through all phases of not just marketing, but business.

Finally, RA has the opportunity to partner with some of the largest groups out there, both for captive and independent Advisors. This allows us to run thousands of campaigns each year which gives us an unrivaled maturity when it comes to marketing for Financial Advisors.


Digital Campaigns Run


ads placed


registrants/leads produced

Elite Marketing Options That Produce REAL ROI

We deliver the highest quality, turn-key marketing programs for your advisors across the US


Turnkey seminar marketing

Our Seminar Model leverages technology to get your Advisors qualified seminar attendees for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. All our programs are territory exclusive, co-branded, and built to help your advisors write more business.

Whether your group is brand new to digital marketing or a seasoned online vet looking to open more territories by adding an additional shelf option, our seminars are automatic and guaranteed to perform.

Social Security, Retirement Planning, Taxes, Medicare, Women’s Only Events, Dinner Events, Educational Events


Turnkey live and automated Options

In a constantly evolving marketplace, advisors need partners and strategies that keep up with the industry. It’s important, now more than ever, to have a complementary program to traditional seminar marketing.

RA will coach your advisors on everything from audio, lighting, and camera positioning to webinar do’s and don’t, and we will deliver a turnkey process that will consistently produce qualified calendar appointments.

All Topics, both live and automated


Qualified lead generation marketing

Some Advisors flat out hate seminars. Some just “don’t have” the marketing budget for them. While others, want multiple marketing strategies going at the same time and need something to supplement their seminar schedule…

Our lead generation strategies produce more than just names on paper. These are people raising their hands asking for custom reports specific to their needs.

Social Security, Retirement Planning, Taxes, Medicare, Federal, or Custom options – no hidden fees, no long-term commitment.


GET Your Producers FEATURED ON NBC, FOX, CBS & 100+ SITES 

RA writes an article about your company and we publish it (guaranteed!) to our wide network of authority news outlets – including affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and over 100 others!

  • Producers get to use "As Seen On" forever on anything they want (marketing pages, website, book, mailer, printouts, presentations, etc.)
  • GUARANTEED publishing to official NBC, FOX, CBS affiliates
  • PDF with 100+ live URLs of their article published
  • Free organic traffic from their published article
  • MASSIVE social proof
  • SEO boost from Google indexing the articles
  • Fast & easy boost to their conversion rate

Benefits of partnering with RA

Our distribution partners have commented that working with RA has freed them up to focus on getting product sales issued, recruiting new relationships, in short, growing their business, without sacrificing their client’s marketing needs

Highest ROI in the Industry

We put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our programs. Your Advisors will have extremely quick turnaround times, reliable marketing flow and you’ll see increased business as a result.

Priority on Communication

When you put your name in the logo, there is nowhere to hide…if you are tired of poor communication with other vendors/partners, RA will be a breath of fresh air. We build relationships, not quick bucks.

Flexible and Smooth

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to FMO’s, BD’s, and RIA’s and your Advisors. We’ve built our models to perform alongside you so your Advisors feel comfortable and continue to produce.


Yes, we have a proprietary system we’ve built that gives you all the info you need to stay in the know with your advisors.

Yes, we have the seminar built, as long as it’s a proven presentation the advisor closes on, we will build around it.

Sometimes, yes. Depends on volume. Our programs are priced to sell, so in most cases, your advisors get guaranteed programs that work, that’s usually better than a small discount.

Yes, we coach in 3 ways (as much or as little as needed):

  1. Through the Advisors Toolbox which includes downloads, video walkthrough’s, presentations, sales tactics and more
  2. Through automated emails directly after purchase specific to the program they are running
  3. One-On-One coaching

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