[VIDEO] Cheap Is Expensive - Spend Money on Your Business


"The cheapest option is usually the most expensive." - R

It was time for an upgrade that I didn't want to make but I needed to.

3 years ago I bought a nice business edition laptop that I've been using as my primary workhorse machine ever since.

Earlier this year though, I started noticing some serious problems.

- bad lag

- slower processing speeds

- decreased video streaming quality

- and the list goes on BUT...

For some reason, I was dreading the investment into a new setup.

I kept telling myself, "this one is fine, you don't need anything new…"

And on I went, pressing forward with a machine maxed out and sluggish because of my inability to make a necessary decision.

If you can relate, this video is for you.

[VIDEO] My Perspective on Financial Advisor Marketing


In this video, I take you on a hike from my home office to the top of the Castle Rock, Colorado rock.

If you are looking for a fresh perspective on digital marketing for Financial Advisors - this video is for you.

RA has the unique opportunity to work with FMOs, BDs, RIAs, and advisors direct all around the Country on digital marketing for seminars and lead generation.

  • Social Security + Income Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Dinner seminars
  • Educational Seminars
  • Women's Only Events
  • Taxes
  • Medicare

This experience gives us the advantage of seeing the industry through the eyes of thousands of campaigns and I share some of that insight here.

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