[VIDEO] Focus On Good Results In Digital Marketing



I love going to the apple orchard each year! So, last week I took my family to pick some apples. It got me thinking about the "bad apples" that we sometimes see in the marketing campaigns we run for Financial Advisors.

In this video, I focus on getting your mindset right when it comes to your digital marketing programs. There will occasionally be “bad apples” in your marketing campaigns. BUT more often there are a ton of good apples in there as well! The old wive’s tale tells us that one bad apple spoils the bunch. I say that is only the case if YOU let it! In marketing, there are bound to be a couple “bad apples” here and there, but it is important to shift our focus to the good apples that come in from any marketing program.

Check out the rest of our website to learn more about how RA Marketing can get a bunch of GREAT apples into your sales funnel with our Seminar Marketing and Lead Generation programs!

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[VIDEO] What's Your Core Defining Routine?




I've long believed that systematized processes and routines should be the foundation of many aspects of my life. In this video, I'll take you on a little journey of what it means to have a core defining routine in my family and business!

In everyone's business (and life) there should be a core defining routine (or process) that helps you function efficiently.

One of the things that makes RA Marketing so different from some of our competition is that we've set up systems of best practices for digital marketing with Financial Advisors that enable us to see high ROI. It is because of this framework of core defining routines that we are able to deliver high-quality marketing support for our clients on a regular basis.

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[VIDEO] Keeping Things Simple



Often times in life, and in business, the simplest solution (the one with the fewest variables) is the best solution (the right one).

This one was FUN! I talk a little bit about my cat, Occam's razor, and how those things apply to how RA Marketing does digital marketing for Financial Advisors.

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[VIDEO] When and Why You Should Hire an Expert


Andrew from RA Marketing (Financial Advisors digital marketing resource) checks out his new keyboard from Ducky. He explores why he got this keyboard.

As entrepreneurs, Richy and Andrew know the value of consulting experts in various fields when researching tools, programs, and support for their business.

RA Marketing IS that expert for financial advisors looking to market online. Andrew and Richy (of richyandandrew.com) are digital marketers serving entrepreneurs, specializing in advertisements for insurance and financial services professionals.

RA Marketing's most popular services include seminar marketing and lead generation for Medicare, Social Security, and Retirement Income Planning.

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Scale Baby Scale!!

When a client asks us to scale up a winning campaign, they always ask us if scaling the ads will negatively impact some of the KPI’s (like cost per lead). ?

We’ve done this countless times and can testify to the fact that scaling winning ads can indeed screw things up.

But when you do it right the client wins! ??

In this case, we scaled up significantly and were able to maintain our ridiculously low cost/lead. The adjusted cost per lead for this particular client has actually come down more than 30% because some of the hard costs in the overall campaign are more negligible now. #winning

By the way… this was all happening RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas time that so often wreaks havoc on FB campaigns.

Get Better Results With Facebook Ads

FINANCIAL ADVISORS: Get Better Results With Your Facebook Ads



2 Amazon products are side by side.

They are the exact same item listed at the exact same price made by the exact same company.

The only difference is that one has 4.5 stars with 2500 reviews, the other has 3 stars with 15 reviews…

So, if you are forced to make a decision, which do you choose?

Follow Up Question: Why?  If they are seemingly the exact same, what draws you to pick the one you chose over the other?


The RA Steroid Stack strategy blends social proof with Persuasion Psychology to help you produce better results with your Facebook advertising. We do this by stacking previously earned ad engagement to future campaigns.

Instead of starting a brand-new ad with ZERO engagement…

We start the brand-new ad with this (see RED BOX below):

Why Do We Do This?

Because we are playing to psychology of your ideal audience.

When was the last time 5k+ points of engagement deterred KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST?!

People like what other people also like and it instantly boosts your credibility… i.e. it builds your influence in the marketplace.  In a red ocean industry like yours, this additional edge goes a long way when a prospect is forced to choose between two advisors that appear to be offering the same thing on the surface.

Here's An Example

Financial Advisor John wants to run one 2-night seminar 8 months out of the year.  John is a brand-new client for us, so in January we start promoting his event with brand new creative.  At the end of this first campaign, our best performing Facebook ad for John now has 62 Reactions, 30 shares, and 22 comments.

February rolls around and it's time to launch John’s second campaign.  This time though, we do NOT start with brand new creative. Instead, we steroid stack the first campaign’s ads into the second campaign.  Now, rather than starting off with zero social proof, we start John’s second campaign with ads that have 62 Reactions, 30 Shares, and 22 comments…

By the time December rolls around, we now have extremely seasoned ads that have accrued hundreds, if not thousands of engagement points that are all clearly visible to anyone who sees the ads.

Increase Your Impact

On a practical level, this clearly boosts your influence, but on a marketing stewardship level…this strategy essentially “tricks” the Facebook algorithm into giving your ads priority over the competition. Now, with mature ads that Facebook deems popular, we can lower our CPM (Cost per 1000 people reached) which inevitably lowers your CPA (cost per acquisition) which…you guessed it…increases overall campaign ROI.

NOTE: This is tried and true. This isn’t just an idea, this is one of the components we utilize 100% of the time to crush our competitor’s (and yours).  

If You Like The Way This Sounds, You Have 2 Choices:

1. Follow the steps below to deploy the RA Steroid Stack yourself

2. We clearly already have this figured out, call us now and start enjoying better ROI right away without hassle720-460-1232


Split Test 2 Ads For Your First Campaign

We can’t stack anything we don’t have.  For your first campaign, start by creating your high converting ad copy and landing pages, pick two images, then run your ads.


Pull The Ad Post ID Of Your WINNING Ad

Now that your first campaign is over, you will clearly have a winning ad (don’t get emotional about this decision, just go with the data).  Navigate to ads manager, head to the ad level of the chosen ad, then click edit and then “preview the ad with comments.” Once this new window opens, you’ll now see the ad with all the engagement.  Turn your attention to the URL in your browser’s search bar and copy the last group of numbers to your clipboard…this is your post ID.


Duplicate Campaign From First Run

At the campaign level, select the campaign you want to recreate, then click “Duplicate.”

Once it loads, in this new campaign, delete any underperforming ad sets from the previous campaign and keep your winner(s).


Steroid Stack

Click to the ad level of the new campaign. At that level, the creative will already be in place (because it is a duplicate) but your social proof will not be there. Where it says “create ad or use existing post” click on “use existing post” After a moment or two there will be a link that says “use existing post ID”. Click that link and paste the post ID that you grabbed in Step 2 into the input field that appears.  Click “submit”. Ads Manager will spool for a moment and then will populate the preview of your new ad.

* Repeat steps 2 and 4 if you have multiple winning ads.

Congratulations, you’ve now brought forward your winning ad’s engagement to your new campaign!


1. You cannot change anything in the original post or you’ll lose the social proof.  This means you must think ahead with your original creative, so it is evergreen, not event or date specific.

2. You’ll want to repeat step 1 a few times (or introduce additional creative to split test in each new campaign) so you can find multiple winning versions of creatives.  You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. What works today will not always work tomorrow and you’ll want backup.


1. Be smart.  Seems like a dumb thing to say but use this wisely.  Facebook makes its money from marketers, but there is nobody to market to if there is no user base.  They will 100% of the time side with the user, so don’t be sketchy.

2. Don’t just stop at winning creative…steroid stack your winners into new audiences/demographics/territories and expand your reach/influence.

3. Let us do this for you.  We’ve done it thousands of times…what takes you days, takes us minutes.  We got your back and we’ll execute so you can focus on meeting with new prospects and clients.

Don't Hire A Bicycle Shop To Fix Your Ferrari

RA Marketing is a full service Digital Marketing Agency that gets qualified leads and prospects into YOUR funnel. Click the button below to set up your discovery call!

Let’s say I buy a Ferrari.

I’m not going too. Really… I have little desire to own that kind of car, but for fun, let’s say I buy one.

Of course, the first thing I’d have to do is shell out six figures+ for the car. Then I’d have to pay more for insurance. Pay more for tires. Pay more for routine maintenance. The list could go on. The point is, running/maintaining a supercar is pricey and requires specialized tools, skills, and knowledge.

The reality is, what most successful businesses offer is like that Ferrari. It takes a lot of time and money to get it up and going, and even once you do there is still the cost of maintaining what you have, running what you have, and of course improving on what you have. I think many business owners either forget about those costs or get upset about those costs because “hey I already paid the big bucks to get this fancy system/product/funnel/tool I shouldn’t have to keep paying for it!”

What if I decided that, to make owning and running my Ferrari more palatable, I’d take it down to the local bicycle shop for its regular maintenance… I mean, after all, the bike shop is used to working on “vehicles that get you from point A to point B” right? They work on things with metal frames and rubber tires, yes?

I recognize that this is a hyperbolic analogy, and I think we can all agree that the suggestion is ludicrous! If you hired a person who is REALLY good at fixing mountain bikes to maintain your Ferrari, things would fall apart almost immediately!

The point is, in your business, there are things just like that Ferrari. Think specifically about marketing… If you hire someone that is really good at making pretty pictures, or really good at dressing up a website but has no idea how to drive paid traffic to an offer and get conversions, you’ll save a few bucks early on, but down the road guess what’s going to happen…

Don’t hire a bike mechanic to work on your supercar.


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Get That ROI!

RA Marketing is a full service Digital Marketing Agency that gets qualified leads and prospects into YOUR funnel. Click the button below to set up your discovery call!

Our Clients love what we do for them...

We love it too! The above image is from a campaign that we ran for ourselves for a product that we sell. We don't just sell FB ads management, we use it ourselves. As the old saying goes, practice what you preach. While we love to see amazing results like this for our own ads, we love seeing these kinds of results for our clients even more!

The take away here is that you don’t always have to spend a million bucks to make good money with Facebook ads…

? Solid product to a warm audience + top-notch creative mixed with timely execution = 2,500%+ ROI. ??

P.S. We almost didn't show the top ad since it had no purchases...but let's be honest, not every ad wins...you have to split test and be willing to get creative if you are going to find the winning combos...

-Richy and Andrew

Learning Algorithms Can Be Tough!

RA Marketing is a full service Digital Marketing Agency that gets qualified leads and prospects into YOUR funnel. Click the button below to set up your discovery call!

Learning how to optimize your advertisements on Facebook by leveraging the algorithms can be tough.

Shoot, spelling the word algorithms is a nightmare...

However, once you've mastered them, those same formulas and equations make achieving your goals possible!

We've spent millions of dollars learning how to get results using Facebook ads. Like the Rubik's cube in the picture, it was slow going at first, but over time we mastered the Facebook optimization algorithms and can deliver for our clients consistently and rapidly.

If you want to learn how to use the FB algorithms to your advantage, we can help you do that. If you'd prefer to take the easier option, and let us do it for you, well, we're happy to talk about that too.

-Richy and Andrew

PS... I really can solve the Rubik's cube ;) -Andrew

6 Steps to End Workshop No-Shows



While only 50% attendance is expected from Digital Marketing registrations, some of you are not getting anywhere close to that. Some of you are seeing more like 20% - 30%. But what gives? You feel like you are doing everything you are being told to do and yet...your events are low and are getting worse by the month.

Lucky for you...

This is what we do for a living and we've learned a thing or two about attendance. The 6 steps listed below will breath fresh air into your seminar marketing attendance by helping you increase both show and close rates through our proven confirmation model.


Give Something Away

One of the first things we recommend to increase seminar attendance is to add more value to the sign-up process.  While digital marketing automates things and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business…it can also work against you if it feels too robotic.  People want to be served individually even if you are not face-to-face with them. The easiest way to do this is to offer a free download after registration.  We like to put this on the lightbox (pop up form) to give them that extra psychological nudge to finish the process.

IMPORTANT – only about 20% of people who register will ever even look at this download.  It is used more as a psychological cue than anything, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect its content.  Make it something valuable and don’t worry about “giving too much away.” They can already find the information without you. Trust is not information today, it’s personality and value.  This download should be 1-6 pages and should reference the class throughout to reaffirm attendance.

Capture The Address

After someone registers, ask them for their address.  They have already committed and given you their personal info, capitalize on that and get their mailing address to you can mail them a confirmation packet.  Say something like, “Great, where should we mail your confirmation packet?”

Not only will most people complete this secondary step, it also further commits them to attending because now they are deep into the process.

Upsell Something On Thank You Page

After asking for the address, send them to a thank you page that “upsells” them something.  The benefit here is that you are no longer talking to a cold audience...you are speaking directly to someone that is interested in the thing you just had them sign up for.  Take advantage of this moment and offer something relevant.

Here are a couple examples:

1. Opt them into Facebook Messenger - Messenger gets a 95-100% open rate and more than half the people that make it to this point will opt in for it.  Just this step alone can increase your attendance significantly. Imagine being able to send 40-50% of your registrants a message and knowing that damn near all of them saw it!

2. Offer them a free book.  Maybe you wrote a book or just have several copies of something you'd like to give away...perfect chance to do just that.

3. Start them on your video indoctrination sequence.  By this point, the new registrants know who you are because you have been co-promoted for this event (hopefully!), use this opportunity to get some face time prior to the event so you can start establishing know, like, and trust right out of the gate.

HINT: After they opt-in, send them a thank you and include the download from step one in it.  Then, the day before, send the reminder.

Use Email Confirmation Funnels

This one seems obvious, but make sure you email everyone that registers.  About 40% of people will read your email and you don’t want to miss out on that touchpoint.  Use a service like MailChimp, Active Campaign, Drip, or our favorite, Infusionsoft to automatically send a set of 3 confirmation emails once someone opts in.  Send the first one immediately, the second one the day before and third one the morning of.

TIP: Include a link to the Google map of your venue so they know exactly where to find you.

Use Text Messages

Much like Facebook Messenger, texting is extremely effective (100% of people will read your text!).  You can use an automation platform that integrates with your email automation software that will send these out for you.

We recommend an “echo strategy” where you echo the emails with text messages. This means that you will send out a total of 3 in the same manner as described in the email confirmation funnel above.

Make Your Phone Calls!

This is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire thing.  If you want to increase your attendance and effectively increase your ROI…you MUST MAKE YOUR CONFIRMATION CALLS!!!!  It blows my mind how many Advisors pay good money for each and every registration they acquire but then blow it because they don’t want to make a few 30 second calls.  I’m telling you right now, this step cannot be missed or you should not waste your money on seminar marketing at all. Doing this will increase your attendance by 15-25%...it’s worth your time.

We recommend making an initial call within 24 hours of registration and making another one the day before the event they registered for. Having a personal conversation brings the human element to a robot driven process.  This personal connection means a lot to the people who are on the receiving end and is a great way to build rapport as well.  Keep your conversations short and sweet and always point to the class for answers.

HOT TIP: if you don’t speak well on the phone or just know you are not good at it…have someone else do it.  Your assistant, your spouse, your kid, or even as a last option, a call center can get the job done. There is no easy way to say this, but any of those will be better in the end if you sound like a sick, starving horse on the phone!


If you haven’t picked up on the theme yet, it’s the idea of “Layers.”  With all the technology that exists today, you can afford to be smart and stay top of mind of your registrants.  The competition is fierce out there…you can guarantee your ideal clients are constantly receiving other offers from your competitors, the only way to stand out is to do just that…stand out!  Use the resources available to you to accomplish this and add these 6 steps into your next seminar process and you will see an increase in attendance.

As always, if you want help doing this or just want to follow our system already set and ready to go, email us at hello@richyandandrew.com and tell us to fix your attendance problem!